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Why Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home?


How often have you driven down a neighboring street to find a red and white "For Sale By Owner" sign from a hardware store stuck in the middle of someone's front lawn? You drive past it two weeks later, and it's still there. Two months later - still there.


Did you know that 95% of all homes For Sale By Owner (FSBO's) end up being sold by a real estate professional? Here are some reasons why it's best to hire an agent from the start.


Education & Experience

You don't need to know everything about buying and selling real estate if you hire a real estate professional who does. The trick is to find the right person.


Price Guidance and Knowledge of Market Conditions

Contrary to what some people believe, agents do not select prices for sellers or buyers. However, an agent will help guide you in making the right choice for yourself based on comparable sales in your area.


Real estate agents have access to data like selling prices of homes similar to yours, the selling price versus the listing price of homes in your area, the average number of days on the market, etc.


Agents are Buffers

Agents act as a filter for your property showings and visits. They weed out the "tire kickers" when you're selling, and ensure prospective buyers are pre-qualified to purchase a home such as yours. They also secure knowledge about your side of the transaction and keep it confidential.


Knowledge of the Community

Agents either possess intimate knowledge or they know where to find the industry buzz about your neighborhood. Incorporating these points of interest are key in formulating a strong marketing plan.


Professional Networking

Agents network with other professionals, many of whom provide services that you will need for your real estate transaction - lawyers, accountants, and inspection engineers, just to name a few.


Handling All the Paperwork

Agents help you navigate through the plethora of paperwork required by federal, state, and local authorities. They help facilitate the process so less time and money is wasted.


Answering Questions After Closing

Even the smoothest transactions that close without complications can come back to haunt you. Questions can pop up that were overlooked during the closing process.

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Quick Tips for Selling
In a Down Market

  • Talk to your agent before prepping your home for the market

  • Think like a buyer

  • Differentiate from the neighbors

  • Clean the clutter

  • Hire your own inspector

  • Sweeten the deal-use incentives

  • Improve curb appeal

  • Get your home in "Move-in" condition

  • Work with your realtor to price it right

  • Bottom line - you're going to have to work a little harder!

Something to Remember

When you're buying real estate, it's a HOME.

When you're selling real estate, it's a HOUSE.